Saturday, October 16, 2010

Front of the line

If you've grown up in the Christian world you hear people tell you all the time that because you believe in Jesus that you get first dibs. I'm not even sure where this comes from... I suppose there are a few verses in the Bible to which God promises good things to those who trust in Him. Sometimes though I think we take it too far. I deserve a better job than that guy... right??? RIGHT????


No? Well think about it... God loves everyone, sees everyone, not JUST you. Yes it's true God does in fact love us and want us to be happy and have success, but what does that even look like? Surely our view does not match His, it can't... because ours is so selfish. It's so demanding to just expect God to put you ahead of everyone else... even if it would make your life absolutely awesome.

Yes God favors His children, I have no arguments there... but favor doesn't mean He loves you more than His other children who aren't close to Him. Think about your own parents for a moment. A good parent anyways, does not show favoritism over other siblings... that would just make everything extremely complicated. God loves everyone the same amount so to assume that He loves you more to give you more is just absurd.

God will bless those who seek Him, there is no lie about that. But it also has a lot to do with the "boomerang" effect. God clearly states in the Bible that what we send out into the world is what we will eventually get back. If you give out good, humble servant you will probably receive somewhat larger blessings... but that isn't God choosing favorites... it's called being fair, because God is fair. He is more than fair, that fact that we get anything good at all is amazing. Without His mercy and forgiveness we would never have anything to brag about.

We always pray that for ourselves that we would get the promotion, win those tickets... Have you ever thought that maybe there is someone else out there who needs it more than you do? We never do. I don't. And it's rather pathetic. God says to put others before your own needs, to be humble servants... to give the shirt off your back. How does that translate into praying for the best of the best... to get everything handed to you... arms open... waiting... expecting. Maybe you're wondering why your in such a crappy job and maybe your wondering why God hates you so much to not just hand you your dream job. Dude, it's not the way it works. Maybe if you stopped thinking that you're better than everyone else God might start to do some awesome things in your life. Just sayin. Seriously... get over yourself... you're just a "speck", "mist".

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