Friday, May 21, 2010

Good deeds and callings

This came up recently in my life as a subject for thought. I always felt like I wasn't doing a whole lot with my life and that I wasn't living up to the "christian" standard. You know how you see those church people who look like they are BFFs with God? Got about 2-5 different ministries going on... know how to speak and read Hebrew... oh yeah you know those people. Most of the time we feel like crap when we see them. "So what are you doing with your life?"... "Nothing! I'm just a loser!". K, well hopefully your not saying that about yourself... it's not true!

There is a huge misconception that people who obey God and pursue their calling are more right with God. When in fact, these people have nothing to do with the works of God. People in ministries are only instruments of God. Yes they have obeyed God and that is good, but they are not any more saved then you. Keep in mind that you also have a calling and one day you will find it.

Your ministry, your calling does not define who you are. It may be apart of your life but it is not a description of you. If you sing praise and worship, that is NOT who you ARE it is only what you do for GOD. The only description you can give yourself for your ministry is the term obedient, that's all you get. All the glory is Gods, not yours. What defines you is your character and personality.

Good deeds, yes good deeds are well.... good. And Jesus commands us to be humble servants and give as we have been given great things from Him. But be careful and do not except that your good deeds will cancel out all your wrong doings. If that is how it worked no one would ever win. Often most of the time we SIN while doing a good deed! It seems so hopeless, why do we do it then? God calls us to, we should listen to Him... but don't put your faith and growth with God based on your good deeds. You don't have to work that hard to have a relationship with God, He sent Jesus to work hard to have a relationship with US. Your works won't bring you closer to God. It should be, spend time with God and then let Him move you into something He has called you to do.

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