Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The blame game

I've always heard people, specifically Christians say that God planned this for me. Well in most cases they are probably right. BUT many times they include diseases, sickness and disabilities in this little "package" of God's doing. However there is no truth behind that.

First off, when God created the earth he made everything perfect and wonderful. He made Adam and Eve perfect too. Neither of them had any diseases or disabilities. These conditions only came AFTER they sinned against God. Now this reaction wasn't all out of wrath. They made the choice to make their own decisions and with that came consequences. It's never God's plan to give a person, a child he soo very loves any harmful unpleasant condition. If this was so, I'm sure we would have heard about it from Adam and Eve.

God can take bad things and use them for good. A person who gets raped, that is not God's doing.. it is the evil of man. But God can also use this person to witness to others and help them regain themselves. Whenever something really bad happens, it's good to have a forgiving and understanding heart. To be able to handle what it is and keep good spirit. But never thank God for a disability. I know I've heard one person say that "yeah it was meant to be, this cancer was the path God chose for me and I'm okay with that". That, is complete crap! Never, ever, ever! If this was true... then we would be praying for people to receive cancer... and that is not the case.

Also, I have heard that its a blessing to have a child with a disability... to say it was Gods plan for this child to be disabled. A blessing to have a child with a disability? I think that's insulting to God. He makes everything perfect and in his image... and I am pretty sure that God does NOT have a disability. Anything that is not of good, comes from evil. Think about it. Why would God, send his only Son to come and save us and HEAL us only for God to injure us? Jesus came to heal people, meaning he came to fix what the world/evil had given them. He says "by my stripes you are healed" it does not mean "by my stripes you will be disabled".

Prayer... why do we pray? Because it helps. Why do you pray for people with disabilities? Because it's not what God wants, it's not healthy... it's not fun. God only wants whats best for you. It says in the Bible your earthly father likes to bless you and give what you need, how much more then does your Heavenly Father want to give you what you need, this includes health. If your mother and father would say to you " i think your path should be rough and unpleasant filled with pain along with a disability or maybe a disease... yes a disease that would fit you perfectly my dear" you would think what? Exactly, God does not do this.

I can't explain why some people are never healed, that I do not know. But I KNOW that MY God does not infect, does not harm and does not disable people. Period.

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