Friday, July 31, 2009

The Christian Lifestyle???

How many times have you heard someone say "oh I know so and so is a christian but she doesn't live the lifestyle", or someone saying "I choose to live the christian lifestyle". Most people, like me are thinking.... *what the heck is a christian lifestyle?*. Is there like a certain list or do's and dont's? Okay so maybe there is, one is called the Ten Commandments. But then sometimes I think it goes deeper then that.

So, you're a christian... good job. Now that Jesus is in your heart it's time to start changing your lifestyle into something glorifying. But where is the line? what if people think I'm a snob? In truth, if you try to live a christian lifestyle most people will think you are a snob. I am sorry, BUT I think it's cool to sacrifice popularity for the greater Love.

First point. The Ten Commandments, the Bible does state that we should definitely follow these... and it makes sense. Usually if you are following Jesus you wouldn't want to anyways, right? So for some this IS the definition of a christian lifestyle. The only downfall is MANY non-Christians live this life as well. So technically you don't have any separation from the way you look and act. With saying this I think there is something way deeper then the Ten Commandments to being in the christian lifestyle.

The general idea. To NOT fit in. Jesus most definitely did not fit in among the people. To a lot of people he was considered a freak, a loser... WEIRDO! With saying that I think he's called us to follow that. But wait! You don't have to TRY and be a loser or freak... if you find the right people they will think you are just the best!

Now, in the Bible it doesn't say "whoever watches movies is a fool"... there are no specific guidelines the entertainment and Christians. But I do believe that whatever Jesus wouldn't watch, I shouldn't either. It makes sense doesn't it? The average young adult will watch anything, say anything, do anything. Movies: okay so movies can be pretty funny right? I can agree to that. There are a lot of evil movies out there, some with demonic concepts... others just aren't tasteful. God said everything you do, let it glorify Him. I'm pretty sure that didn't include watching a sex scene in the movies. That doesn't mean you have to cut-out movies completely, but when it comes to your mind and thoughts you should try and protect it by picking movies that wont challenge your christian opinions.

Music: This also has the same idea, when you listen to secular music what do you get from it? what can you take away with you to help enrich your life? What in common do these songs have with you? If you don't have sex, then 99% of the songs don't mean anything to you. Okay, okay... so there are a few songs out there that have nothing to do with sex... but they are still empty songs. Listening to christian music is so uplifting.. and I know you're already thinking all those songs are sooo boring. But what is boring about them? is God boring?

Speech: This is a big area to cover. dirty jokes, profanity... oy... so much going on! Making fun of people. Okay, so i confess to have done all of these at one point or another. but the point is to try and get away from these things. They do nothing for your relationship with God. I've heard people say, "well swearing isn't a sin, its just rude". Okay so being rude is a good thing? God doesn't want you to be rude. Dirty jokes... sexual, why must you always go there? Why do Christians mock and poke fun at something that was suppose to be so pure? God did NOT create sex so we could be crude and perverted. Making fun: okay this one is very clear to see. Love your neighbors as yourself. Very clearly stated in the Bible, you shouldn't purposely try and bring someone down, and this includes behind their back.

Seriously though, we all need to work on these things. It's not me or the next person that you have to prove these things to. God needs to know that you are willing to be someone extra special just for Him. He is the one watching and judging what you do, see and say. When I think of what He sees of me... I'm very disappointed in myself. Enough to really work hard and be the person I know He wants me to be. If you're not sure if something you want to do goes along with what God has for you pray on it and picture Jesus doing it.

In conclusion, most christians don't live any lifestyle at all. I've failed at so many of them I would be a hypocrite if I said I did. But I try so hard to live a life that pleases God. Drinking, sex, cursing, teasing, music and movies... I'm sure all things God would tell you, you don't need.

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