Monday, February 9, 2009

I don't care

" I don't care.." is a phrase that majority of people look at in a negative matter. However, there is some truth and wisdom hidden in there! Believe it or not... this can actually HELP you become closer to Family, Friends and most importantly God.

So you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about right? haha. It's simple, really. It depends on what you don't care about, the object is more important then the meaning. Obviously when we talk about not caring for people it is truly a negative thought. Material items on the other hand can be sacrificed and tossed to the side.

When it comes to material items, such as you ipod, or your clothes or any other objects that most people become attached to... you just need to stop caring. Not care for, care of. See one HUGE thing between us and God is our love for objects. It's relevant in the Bible that possessions are to not be worshiped. Not that I'm saying you actually get on your knees or pray to your prada shoes...(at least I hope not). But God does imply that items we care more about then Him or REALLY important things is quite close to worship. For example, you cannot LOVE money and LOVE God, it's the truth... you must chose! I mentioned a bit of this in my previous post about letting go of material possessions mainly because you can't take them to Heaven... and most certainly don't get you further on earth. Saying "I don't care" about that bracelet helps you in the future when it breaks, gets stolen....lost. If you've already stated your feelings for this object and how it is not important to you or your survival... dealing with its disappearance will be a lot easier. (and less tears.....boohoo)

Family and Friends is a bit different, it doesn't matter so much to possessions as it does preferences. As we all know, from one person to the other our ideas, opinions, plans and structures change. Aside from our main values and beliefs, everything in the middle is not really all that important. I'm not saying your opinions don't matter, I'm saying they don't help the big picture. When you don't care about tv, movies, music... it's easier to stay focused and more agreeable. It's not just helping your friend out, it's really more for yourself. Believe it or not, but most people can get pretty upset and even sad about those kinds of things... specially when the other person doesn't like it how you like it. If you can tell yourself and believe it when you say "this really isn't a big deal, it really doesn't matter... I don't care" your putting yourself ahead of the herd. Wouldn't it be awesome to not be offended so much? To not worry that things aren't going your way? It can be done... just DON'T CARE so much. It might seem like a lazy approach... but its actually REALLY hard to do!!

Trust me... it's worth trying. And you don't have to answer every question with "I don't care". Just be simple. Maybe give an idea and remind yourself if it's not what others want, just go with it. (or don't, depending on the subject.... say NO to drugs :) If it's really against what you are, enough to still care then stick to it. You don't need to sacrifice your personality... just the minor things.

mmmk? good.

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