Friday, September 19, 2008

Stuff & Junk

Material possesions, your belongings, clothes, knick-knacks, and even money. How much do you own? How much should we own? When is it too much and when is it a sin? The issues of material possesions can really hinder our journey with God.

It's a simple question, be honest with yourself. How much stuff do you own? Is every inch of your room or house filled with stuff? I used to have a lot of stuff, as a teenager it's harder to be material conscious. But now as a young adult, I have realized that I had a lot of junk, stuff...this, that. I used to have soo much that I didn't have enough space for everything! I had way too many clothes, clothes that I rarely even wore. Go through your things and see how much you actually own.

What do you need? So this is the next step. Once you have seen that you have more then you need go through your things and ask "what do I need?" and needs and wants are completely different! Be honest with yourself or this process is pointless. I remember coming to that moment where I looked around my room and was like, why do I have all this stuff? I dont even use half of it! And telling myself that I would get rid of all those things. Things that you need include, underware, clothes, personal hygene, bed and all sorts. Things that you have NOT used within the last 2-3 months (except seasonal items like coats and boots) should be gotten rid of. Give it to charity or sell it in a garage sale.

The issues with stuff. God says that you can only serve one. You cannot serve God and Money. God or TV, God or materials. You get the idea. If you can't be content with what you already own then you probably have a problem. If you need new things to make you feel happy, you have some issues you need to work on with God. If you look at materials as a way to prove your worth or your self esteem, you are going down a very dangerous path. You cannot LOVE your posessions and God at the same time. God says those who lose their life will gain it. Meaning those who leave worldy flesh addictions behind will gain a fruitfull life with God. Remember you can't bring anything to heaven. If you look at something and say "if it was stolen I would be absolutely devistated" perhaps you should start working on getting rid of it NOW. There is nothing in my room or that I own that I would lose myself over if it was gone. And that's a place that we all need to find.

Memory items. Yes, memory items are good to keep... but don't be excessive! You don't need more then one item per memory. Make them small items and place them in boxes so they don't get in your way. Though do not get attached to memory items, though they can be nice reminders all that matters is you have the memory in your mind. And that alone should keep you satisfied. If my memory items were accidently burned in a fire.. no loss to me... they arent worth anything because its still in my mind.

Nice things. Yes you are allowed and should have nice things. It isnt a sin to have or want nice things, or new things even. As long as you aren't attached. Buying things you don't need. If you have trouble with clothes or collecting, put up an agreement. Promise yourself you will remove one item when you buy a new item. I bought new runners, I had money for it (cash) and didn't own any runners so I needed some runners. I didn't buy expensive ones either... because it doesn't matter if people think your cheap or think less of you because you bought it from walmart. I feel bad for those people.

Do not love your stuff, do not love your money. Plain and simple.


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