Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My eyes are up here...please!

Yup, it's all about breasts. And I guess I'm pretty experienced to talk about this since, well you know. Talking about cleavage, and anything related. I'll give you some background info from my life.

So I was raised in a Christian home, so I was never bought anything that wasn't appropriate to wear... besides at that point in my life I was quite young and there wasn't much to showcase. It's the later years... high school to be exact. That's when you start to mature and you have these feelings to look nice for the opposite sex. At this point the leash is taken off and your hopefully allow to pick out your own clothes. Yeah okay, it went pretty well until grade 8. That's when my rebellious stage hit me, pretty hard too. Looking around seeing almost every girl sporting a nice crack above their top I thought there wasn't anything to it. So why not? As I moved on to grade 9 my outfits got worse and worse. Little did I know that it was compromising my self respect. At this point in my life I was not close with God, I knew he was there... but this was MY time to have fun. Eventually going on to grade 10/11 I started to realize this little mess I had made. I started to talk to God again and BAM he hit me with this huge wind of wisdom and advice. "Cover it up my daughter..." WOW!! Man that was instant. I was convicted for showing my cleavage to the entire world. Ever since that turning point, this message been very dear to me heart.

Now, what I don't understand is why majority of Christian women like to be like the world. We are to separate ourselves from the world and try not to do what's "cool" or "in style". I've often spoken about this subject, and I get responses from certain women saying "oh yeah I totally agree with you"... guess what? The next time I see them.... CLEAVAGE!

This is why it is wrong. For one we are to love ourselves and respect our bodies. Two, we are to show love by not tempting or leading are fellow brothers in Christ to sin over lust or impure thoughts. Yes it is your problem too, you might think that it's all on the guy... you can't help that he can't control himself. WRONG! This will sound harsh, but really you are no better then the woman across the street that in the worlds terminology a "slut". Now wait a minute, I'm not calling you a slut... so stop right there. Most women look to another women and think "I can't believe she feels comfortable to wear that..." and in all actuality most don't and just pretend.

Low cut tops, and amount of cleavage even just an inch... bikinis. Oy, bikinis. Why can't we be an example? Where did this come from? Just because the world does it does not give us an excuse to be almost naked. Seriously... bras and panties cover more. I guess if you really want to be an example you should wear your underwear instead. (hint: I'm being sarcastic) Honestly, would you wear your bikini to a church event? Probably not, why? because you would feel gross and ashamed. If Jesus sat beside you at the beach, would you cover up? I sure hope so. I don't understand why christian women want men lusting and having impure thoughts about them? It really is a big issue. I don't ever take it lightly. If we were in the old days, like bible times... they would have considered you a prostitute... lovely hey?

You can be soooo beautiful without having to show everything. Just try, it's not that bad... I promise... I've been doing it for over 4 years now. It's great. Now don't give me that crap about how there is nothing in the stores that is modest. LIE! That's why the awesome camisole was invented. Use it! Man, I'm so glad I'm not a guy.... its not even fair that us sisters torment them like that. Not right, not right at all. Do it, I dare you.. cover yourself up woman!


freshbreathoflinux said...

Hey, thank you very much (from a guy haha). Personally, I have a lot more respect for women who cover up than flash off. Nice to know that there are people who actually DO care about it. :)

A Daughter's Walk said...

Wow, it's so nice to hear from a guy! I think that if girls knew about guys like you they might actually want to change.

Shari said...

this is sooo true. it makes me so sad to see women, and now young teens wearing clothes that are so dangerous. it makes it so hard for guys, trying to be pure, they almost have to wear blinders.