Saturday, July 26, 2008

Im not flirting... really!

So this time I'm going to cover the issue of flirting! It's sooo much fun right? But we MUST be careful. I'll start just by talking about my experience with flirting.

Well my first flirting experience was in grade 6. I was 12 years old, and I guess that's when you start getting attracted to the opposite sex. So my first "boyfriend" was my best-friends cousin. At that age flirting really isn't an issue is it? Not really.. So I guess I'll move onto the later years. If you've read some of my previous posts you'll know that my rebellious years were in grade 8-9. And so the flirting takes off! Well I wasn't in the best place, so my flirting skills were kinda mmmm... sleazy? Yeah, I'm not proud of that. Using sexual jokes, or being a tease is not a cool thing to do. But, at that time it didn't seem so horrible. Until it almost got me into trouble. I had some lets say interesting friends during the summer. Guys who slept around and got drunk all the time. Well I never went as far as that. But flirting with them lead them on... eventually making the situation very awkward. It actually stole my first kiss... a kiss I didn't even want.

Okay now flirting is natural I know, sometimes you just can't help it... he/she is just soo cute! But there are healthy ways of flirting. You don't want to lead anyone on, it's not fair. So if your intentions are innocent, stay innocent. That means no relationship comments or touching. When you start to touch their arms or backs, or where ever(you get the idea)... they get the idea that you like them.

You want to use your flirting wisely... to your advantage. If you flirt with every guy you know, the guy you like won't know the difference! So make sure that you tone yourself down just a bit and save your real flirting for the guy you really want to hint to. That way he might actually get the courage to ask you out! Plus guys don't like flirty girls because they know that when you do go out he knows that you'll still probably flirt with other guys... and they don't like that idea.

There's another side to this though, that isn't your fault. I don't flirt with guys, I'm just nice. There is nothing wrong with smiling or laughing with guys. I have a few guy friends and that's just who I am. I laugh and smile a lot, even with my girl friends. Now some guys might get the wrong idea, but it's not your problem. Unless you've gone the extra mile and made arm contact or lots of hugs, there's no reason for a guy to think you like him. And you shouldn't change.

So that's my 2 cents. "til next time, keep fit and have fun" hahaha... hal johnson and joanne mcloud... some reason that makes me laugh and it just randomly came to me so I shared that with you. Enjoy. lol


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